CONTROL The CONTROL line continues the overall domination and salvation theme of my works, with a much more blatant approach. Submission is the subject, with nods to various forms and arts practiced in the contemporary BDSM scene.

Expressions of pain, bondage, leather, synthetic materials, asphyxiation, foot fetishism and gender dynamics, all under the umbrella of macrophilia, have been taken into consideration in an attempt to showcase individually, as well as incorporate as one, the many subtleties of submission.

Previously this collection contained pieces named SLAVE i - iv. I have since learned how innappropriate the use of this word is, even in relation to the practice of BDSM activities. Choosing a name that references the real and horrific experiences of slavery was ignorant, racist and came from a place of extreme privilege. I have no interest in aesthetizising or condoning that and i am sorry for any harm I have caused.