LOVE IS HELL The descriptions of both the Guf, in Jewish Mysticism's Seventh Heaven, and Lust, in Dante's Second Hell, are both eerily similar. They both depict vast spaces full of souls swirling around seemingly infinitely and indefinitely. In one the souls are waiting to leave Heaven, and the other they are hoping to leave Hell. The LOVE IS HELL collection is a meditation on perspective, my attempt at dealing with my own trials in love, loss, and eventual growth and using deliberate vagueness to illustrate that where you are in life is dependent on the way you choose to perceive it. Heaven can be Hell, and Hell can be Heaven.

This collection features cutout shapes of human figures, the convenient avatars of the soul, waiting indefinitely in circular vessels mimicking the boundaries of the cyclical nature of existence, finished to a mirror polish encouraging that oh so tired act of self reflection.